Massiv Automated Systems provides assembly lines for both high and low production volumes that can contain various processes. Alternatively, we can supply skilled labour to support your process. No matter what your requirements are we have the capability and experience to assist you from process design through to on site support.


Our facility is located in the City of Brampton in Ontario, Canada. We have a shop-load capacity of over 400 000 working hours per annum enabling us to complete projects to the tightest of timelines. All our mechanical process designs are contracted out to design houses, the majority of which are located in Detroit, USA. However, we promote the use of Canadian design houses and have developed an approved supplier list of Canadian design houses.


Our Estimating department can complete a process layout according to supplied data such as part drawings, IGES files, annual volume, cycle time, actual part etc. If you already have a process layout and require a competitive quote then supply us with the layout and we will provide a comprehensive quote package. In addition, we will analyze the supplied process and, where necessary, provide you with any concerns or suggestions for improvement we might have.

Simulation – Making the Vision a Reality

As technology improves, it is critical for the success of any company to be at the forefront of such technological advances. In the past decade, the automotive industry has seen product simulation become the industry norm. Computer simulation allows a design houses to provide a process design that really works, thus reducing the amount of costly errors that can subsequently occur. Robot reach studies, off-line robot programming and Deneb studies are just some of the innovative simulation techniques we utilize to prove out our process.

Program Management

From the initial contact through to the successful completion of a contract, Massiv Automated Systems strives to ensure our customer’s requirements are continually met. Our Program Managers are well versed in the automotive industry and appreciate what you the customer requires. Upon award of a contract, a Program Manager is assigned to manage the program and act as our customer service representative. All our Program Managers have proven performance in launch, quality, delivery and costing. Our Program Managers are fully experienced and knowledgeable, having gained experience over many program launches, including some with short lead times.

In-house Build Capability

Our in-house build capability enables us to complete all other aspects of a program at our facility. The following elements of a program are typically completed by our own workforce:

  • All electrical and automation design
  • NC Programming
  • Fabrication
  • Large Machining (NC and Standard)
  • Tool Build
  • Pipefitting
  • Field Wiring
  • Integration
  • Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

A commitment to continually improve our processes and employee skill level ensures that Massiv Automated Systems remains at the forefront of technology.